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The site Learn Indian Accounting Standards offers several courses on Indian Accounting Standards (Ind ASs).  Each course typically covers one Indian Accounting Standard.  Certain complex Ind ASs are covered by more than one course.  For every detailed course, an overview course is also available.  Overview courses are generally free. 

Browse through the list of courses offered. If you are interested in pursuing any course, then first create an account by providing your name, email id and other particulars asked for.  You will then receive a confirmation mail on that email id.  Click on the link that is mentioned in the email so as to get your account activated.  You will also receive mails from us informing you of any new course that are added to this website.

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Ind AS 21 course is free if you register yourself before 31st July 2016

Each course consists of several lessons.  Each lesson explains several key concepts.  After explaining each concept, a multiple choice question is given to the student.  The student can proceed to the next concept in the same lesson, only if the correct answer is selected.  Or else, the student will have to go through the concepts again and take the multiple choice question once again.  This ensures that the student does not complete the lesson without understanding all the concepts that are taught by the teacher.  Only after completion of a lesson the student will be able to proceed to the subsequent lesson. After completing successfully all the lessons, a final quiz will be administered to the student containing questions from all the lessons covered in the course. 

Some courses include assignments which the student is expected to complete and submit online to the teacher.  The student has to secure the stipulated percentage overall in order to complete a particular course.  There are also other learning activities such as ‘match the following’, ‘fill-up the blanks’’, ‘crossword puzzles’ and so on, which may or may not be included for evaluating the marks obtained by the student.

After obtaining the minimum percentage required for the course completion, the student can download and print the course completion certificate.


Training course on Financial Instruments – Ind AS 109

Three day training course on Financial Instruments as per Ind AS requirements

Day 1


Topics covered

Session 1
10 am to 1 pm
Basic concepts of derivative instruments
  – What are derivatives and why we need them

  – Meaning of Forward, Futures and options
  – Pricing futures
  – Hedging, speculation & gambling
  – Option basics: ITM, ATM, OTM, Exercise, Lapse
Session 2
2 pm to 5 pm
Advanced concepts on derivative instruments
  – Greeks in options pricing
  – Black-Scholes model / Binomial model   
  – Put-call parity
Features of equity and equity derivatives
– Exercise with practical problems

Features of Interest Rate Derivatives
  – Interest Rate Swaps
  – Interest Rate CAPs / Floors
  – Interest Rate Collars / Reverse Collars
  – Cross Currency Swaps
Fixed Income Securities
FX Derivatives
Credit Default Swaps
Total Return Swaps

Day 2


Topics covered

Session 1
10 am to 1 pm
Accounting Standard Ind AS 32
  – Financial asset and financial liabilities
  – Compound instruments
  – Liability Vs. Equity
Session 2
2 pm to 5 pm
Accounting Standard  Ind AS 109
  – Recognition, measurement, subsequent measurement

  – Amortized cost
  – Classification, reclassification & derecognition
  – Impairment
  – Embedded derivatives
Ind AS 107 Disclosures
 – Live examples from published accounts

Report of the working group on implementation of Ind AS by Banks
 – Discussion of the report and practical implications thereof

Day 3


Topics covered

Session 1
10 am to 11.15 pm
Accounting for financial instruments
  – Interest rate derivatives
  – Fixed income securities
Effect of changes in foreign exchange rates Ind AS 21
  – Impact on financial instruments / hedge accounting
Session 2
11.30 am to 1 pm
Hedge Accounting
  – Fair Value Hedge

  – Cash Flow Hedge
Session 2
2 pm to 5 pm
Hedge Accounting
  – Case studies on Hedge Accounting

Financial instruments nuances in First time adoption

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